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The Effect of Proximity of Death on a New Relationship

I’ve always found the concept of mortality to be alluring. It is somehow simultaneously comforting and titillating, at least in the abstract, knowing I will cease to exist one day.

Although I am far from a monastic or even a scholar, my interest in Tibetan Buddhism has led me to spend a decent amount of time meditating on my own death. I’ve spent hours visualizing worms eating my corpse, no life left in the body on which I have spent so much time obsessing.

A few years ago, as I flew through the air on a bicycle off the side…

To get the benefits of this mindfulness practice, you need to dig deeper below the surface

A person holds up a flower.
A person holds up a flower.
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During my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in a village in Guinea, West Africa, one of my greatest sources of happiness was the accessibility of gratitude. Without the constant stimulation and convenience of life in the states, I found that I was much more easily satisfied and appreciative.

When I found fresh bread in my village, or my phone service was strong enough to have a complete phone call with a friend, I felt elated with appreciation. I also noticed that I was grateful for the time I got to spend with my host family and friends a lot…

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In college I took a weekly yoga class from a woman who exuded quiet wisdom and often said “95% of your thoughts are recycled continuously from day to day. Why not think a new thought?” This has always resonated with me; I am a master ruminator on past wrongdoing, by both myself and other people, past awkward and embarrassing moments, conflicts, etc. My mind, when left with too much free time veers toward self-absorption and self-pity. …

I was recently introduced to a British dating show in which all contestants are fully nude, hence the name Naked Attraction. The stated objective of the show is that dating has become so convoluted, what with flattering and misleading online photos and profiles and, I suppose, clothing. The show claims to aim to cut out the nonsense of meeting while fully clothed and get straight to assessing genitals. No part of the show is censored, fully revealing every “knob” and “fanny.”

When I first heard of this program from an acquaintance, I was immediately intrigued, in fact desperate for access…

Notes From a Critical Illness

Almost one year has passed since I was hospitalized for what turned out to be something of a freak illness, a pelvic infection that (as far as I know) maintains its mystery of origin to all consulted medical professionals. I was hospitalized for two weeks and lacked basic faculties for around 6 weeks.

At age 29 this was a shocking twist in my narrative, something outside of my previous zone of comprehension. The experience has likely been diluted with the passage of time, especially as it is well known that human memories are fairly unreliable…

Katharine Deveney

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